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Tuya Intelligent Smart Door Lock With Anti Peeping Function Support password, RFID card, fingerprint, mechanical key, APP unlocking Wifi enabled, APP remote controlling(APP name - TuyaSmart) USB emergency charging and power-saving Anti-peeping function Low battery alarm warning Suitable to various One administer can control 100+ door locks

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  1.   Dimension: 260*60*24.5 CM  
  2.   Battery life: 20 thousand hours
  3.   Door Thickness: 4-10CM
  4.   Support the physical key for back up
  5.   Applicable: Hotel lock/Apartment lock/Residence lock
  6.   Unlock method: mechanical key / password / RFID card / APP WIFi
  7.   Security: Anti-peeping funtion
  8.   Battery: Low battery alarm / USB emergency charging
  9.   Support: Left open/right open/inward open/outward open  
 10.  Support systems: Android and IOS.  
 11.  Support APP: Smartlife and Tuya.  
 12.  Add or Delete User/Change Passcode Login/Remote control.


Please pay attention to the direct order:

 1. Default delivery without fingerprint
 2. Default delivery to the right to open the door
 3. By default, "cylindrical lock body" is selected.
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